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Social Media for Coaches


  • Create Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

  • Identify additional specialized social media communities to join

  • Mastheads will position client and services offered

  • Create custom format for branded client posts

  • 3 posts per week

  • Post to Timeline & Groups

  • Respond to all Likes & Comments

  • For first month, all posts are service-oriented

  • Automate posts to send to multiple groups

  • Leverage HootSuite, Mass Planner, etc.

  • Have one month of content “in the bank” before you make first post

  • Create Monthly “Content Calendar”

  • Use Social Media to Build Email List of Potential Clients

  • Create offers to capture emails

  • Create email database

  • Write and design bi-weekly email blasts to database

  • Use blasts to promote events: seminars, webinars, etc

Types of Social Media Posts

  • Original Articles

  • 3rd Party Articles

  • Original Memes

  • Memes from Others

  • Original Videos

  • 3rd Party Videos

Followers & Connections

  • Twitter – add 100 people per week

  • Facebook – add 100+ people per week

  • Instagram – add 100 people per week

  • Pinterest – add 100 people per week

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