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Is Shelter-in-Place your Coaching Career Launchpad?

​With all the stress and frustration engendered by Covid-19, we all need someone we can lean on for support and inspiration. Here’s what made me want to encourage you to more seriously consider Coaching as a career path now.

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But I think you'll find the story that follows interesting and worth thinking about.

I want to tell you a story about one of my clients, Jamie.

Like a lot of people who are staying home, sheltered in place right now, he was struggling with discomfort and anxiety from isolation and the stresses of social distancing.

Jamie looks like a tough guy, strong, capable, loves to help others, but the confinement threw him for a loop. He’s the manager at a popular local fitness club. This is a hands on guy who thrives on inspiring his trainers as well as doing the training himself. He feels great when he’s helping people get and stay strong.

The isolation was killing him. In one stroke, the Pandemic deprived him of being with people as well as his own rigorous work outs. And to make matters worse, his sweetheart was sheltering-in-place by herself since she had been exposed to COVID-19. And, his family lives in California, 3000 miles away.

Using tools rooted in positive psychology, I was able to help him reframe the crisis into a set of opportunities. In just a few sessions, he started feeling back in control of his time and life -even though it was outside his normal way of being.

We made it into a game.

Each day, he had to reach out to 5 people beyond his girlfriend. For each new person he got 2 points.

For calling them again he got an additional point. If he called them 5 days in a row he got a bonus of 5 points.

Jamie is a natural competitor. And he’s great at besting his own scores. He’d text me each day with his points.

I had asked him about leading free workout sessions on line. It would be good for him and the people who attended. This was scary to him. He said he was not a computer geek. Using the internet to connect would be frustrating at best and if not impossible.

But then he got a brainstorm.

He remembered that his friend John is a techie. He asked for John’s help. John loved the idea of having a project to work on to rescue him from his own feelings of boredom.

They created a free online meetup for people local to where Jamie works.

The idea was that in addition to connecting to people now, he’d be able to invite them to his gym when the social distancing lifted.

What happened was beyond what he hoped for. People started asking him for private online lessons.

Those were just a couple of solutions we developed together.

We came up with a series of things he could do and set up a detailed schedule for the week so he could check off his progress.

I'll tell you something -- not only were the sessions both stress-relieving for him and for me, he was genuinely excited about these opportunities and delighted to commit to the process of working together.

I'm telling you this story because Jamie is just one of literally millions of people in this country right now who are struggling with the times we're living in.

People need the help of a qualified coach.

The market of individuals willing to pay for coaching has exploded in the last 30 days.

That's why now is an opportune time to join our award winning, 12-Week Professional Coach Training Program. It’s live, interactive and online.

After 6 weeks of intensive study and consideration, I just finished adding new interventions specifically designed to help you respond to the coronavirus crisis.

I’ve packed the program with the exact insights, mental frameworks, and exercises I use to inspire my own coaching clients. In addition, I’ll help you customize these exercises into packages that incorporate your own skills and gifts into monetizable

coaching services that your clients will thrive on.

In addition to helping others, you will begin a journey that will help you gain tools for your own, ongoing personal development.

Learn more and apply here:

Be Strong and Healthy

Doc Sharon

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