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Be Careful with Online Advice About Stress.

You have to be careful with Online advice. It can be misleading or worse.

It’s particularly important to be vigilant with online stress and anxiety solutions.

The attractive graphic below is well meaning but actually could have a negative effect on people who are stressed and anxious.

Take a look:

Does it add a sense of calm and purpose?

Probably not.

While it's true that all of areas mentioned are beneficial for EVERYONE, when we're feeling stressed they can add to the problem with a whole set of new “shoulds.” Some of them really seem like a lot of work, do you disagree? And, it most likely means you need to get help to do them, because you’re already feeling overload.

Really? That’s the answer? I thought we were trying to reduce stress, not add to it. I’m sure the graphic creator would be happy to sell you a program to make all 4 areas come to life.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with getting help. And, of course there’s nothing wrong with selling your services. But suggesting that anxious and stressed people need more stress to relieve stress is anxiety provoking at best.

I had to rant, because I hate seeing people be pushed off their centers when they’re already questioning themselves.

There is one thing I know. Getting your feelings off your chest about a stressor does reduce your stress and anxiety reactions.

Thank you for reading. Ahhhhh. I feel much better now.


Doc Sharon :)

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