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"There's Never a Perfect Time for Change.  But if You Truly Want to Move Forward, the First Step 

is Recognizing That the Time     

is Now."

Are You Ready to Change Careers?  Start a Business?  Improve your Life?


Life is easy.  Change is hard.  That's why most people procrastinate, tell themselves they can't do it, that it's not time.  The key to making a positive change in your life is understanding that there will never be a perfect time. If you truly want to move forward, then the time is now.

For over 20 years, Dr. Sharon Livingston has been helping people enhance both their personal and professional lives. Though she has a Ph.D in Psychology, Dr. Sharon emphasizes that private coaching is not therapy. Instead, her clients are emotionally healthy people who desire to change either their personal or professional lives. To help them achieve this goal, Dr. Sharon provides her clients with the skills, insights and confidence they need to attain the career they want and the life they deserve.

Key Components of Dr. Sharon's Private Coaching Method:  

  • Taking a complete personal inventory of your current state, including your assumptions and perceptions about your career and personal relationships

  • Identifying the mental roadblocks that prevent you from living the life you desire

  • Setting realistic expectations toward the time it will take to achieve your goals  

  • Establishing a detailed action plan toward reaching your goals

  • Implementing a personal feedback loop that continually analyzes and refines both your actions and perceptions

To learn more about how private coaching can change your life and career,

contact Dr. Sharon Livingston today.

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