An Integrated Marketing Program That   Enables Professional Coaches to Continually Demonstrate & Promote Their Expertise


Your website is your most important business tool. Research shows that more than 80% of consumers go to the Web when searching for professional coaching services.  That’s why you need a website that is not only attractive but one that convinces the visitor that you are the coach they should choose.


People no longer want to read.  Instead, they want to watch.  That’s why our video marketing program includes a combination of coaching presentations  and personal interviews  --7 distinct, high-impact, professionally produced videos that instantly establish your credibility and expertise


Most coaches are neither adept at, nor do they have the time, to continually write and update the content on their website.  We relieve you of this burden by crafting web pages, articles, blog posts and other materials that engage your website visitors while promoting your expertise and services.


Social media marketing is the final component of your integrated plan.  After we’ve created your website, written your content, and produced your videos we then promote them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media networks to continually engage your friends, followers and prospect.


Email marketing is an excellent tool for both maintaining and enhancing your relationship - with your current clients as well as new prospects.  Our program features the writing, design and management of scheduled email to these individuals -- not only with news about your practice but also timely articles and other information targeted to their needs and interests.  

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