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For more than half the people in the United States, divorce is a  reality.  During the process, you have your lawyer as an advocate.  But afterwards, when the settlement is done, most people feel empty and abandoned.  Unsure of what to do next, how to rebuild their lives. 


Join us Wednesday, December 2nd at 11:00 AM, EST for this insightful webinar and discover a host of strategies for rebuilding your life after a divorce.  Key Topics include:

  • How to regain your self-esteem

  • Best Practices for Co-parenting  

  • How to re-focus your career  

  • When and if you should start dating again 

  • How to manage your finances

  • How to rebuild your support system


Register Today.  This is an important discussion you don't want to miss.


Michelle Jacobik, Founder of Prosperity After Divorce, is a Financial Coach & Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. Her Financial Support Programs have successfully led individuals around the country in rebuilding their financial foundations after divorce.

Using budgeting tools, debt reduction planning, and saving techniques she helps clients create a financial plan  that allows them to forge their waytowards reclaiming their own Prosperity After Divorce. 


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