• How to Launch and Succeed in Your Coaching Practice

  • How to Develop 10 Key Coaching Skills

  • How to Attract New Clients

  • How to Maintain Existing Clients

  • How to Uncover Your Client’s Life Purpose

  • How to Uncover a Client’s Hidden Motivations

  • How to Identify a Client’s Strengths and Weaknesses

  • How to Conduct a Client Skills Inventory

  • How to Develop a Client Roadmap

  • How to Help Clients Maintain a Home/Work Balance

  • How to Help Clients Improve Their Careers

  • How to Help Clients Improve Their Personal Relationships

  • How to Help Client’s Discard Toxic Relationships

  • How to Conduct the Initial Coaching Session

  • How to Conduct Follow-up Sessions to Keep Clients Focused

  • How to Manage Groups and Workshops

  • How to Work with Clients Online

  • How to Transform Free Consults into Paid Engagements

  • How to Create a Coaching Website That Sells Your Services

  • How to Develop Your Professional Speaking Skills

  • How to Network & Make the Right Connections

  • How to Promote & Demonstrate Your Coaching Expertise

  • How to Generate a Continuous Stream of Referrals

  • How to Identify Your Personal Coaching Strengths & Weaknesses

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