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"Dr. Sharon is an amazing mentor, coach, group facilitator and brings her heart and passion into ALL she does. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her is truly blessed and is sure to grow in so many areas of their lives."

                                  Michelle Kalin Jacobik

"Dr. Sharon is a true professional. Not only is she my coach and mentor, she is my dear friend. It is with her whole heart that she so brilliantly evaluates each and every one of her students and clients in order to fully empower them and bring out their greatest strengths and abilities."

                                  Claire Elisabeth Elliott

"Just an amazing woman, coach, facilitator, and all-around leader of people. I am coming from an experienced coach background and I learned new techniques to use. Dr Sharon sets an excellent platform to make it easy for anyone to move forward."

                                                   Dale Young

"Dr. Sharon is phenomenal in all aspects. Incredibly knowledgeable and experienced.  She is most highly recommended."

                                                   Eric Parker

"Dr. Sharon starts with whatever journey you are currently on and helps drive you to a higher quality - you didn't know you could reach. Dr. Sharon's unique techniques help you to build awareness of your current level of understanding, but then she gives you the tools - to go another step further. "

                              TheRese Anderson-Aduni

"To say Dr. Sharon is a Master Coach is  an understatement.  When I first started, there were issues that prevented me from attaining the success I wanted, but I never realized just how powerful they were until working with her.  She helped me develop strategies to overcome them and to continue to build myself up."

                                  Steve Wickham

"… once I started, I couldn’t stop reading it… the writing is so good, so honest and transparent… The raw gritty, emotion, the delightful humor, and the transformational insights made it an enjoyable read…" 

Jack Canfield,

NY Times best selling author

“Chicken Soup for the Soul” 

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